BBQ photos by Rebekah Claxton


"Bernie's Home-Made-From-Scratch BBQ Sauce"


Basic Ingredients


In a large bowl, combine 15 oz. canned tomato sauce, 1 cup blackstrap molasses,


1 1/2 cups brown sugar (honey may be used), and red wine vinegar to taste,


(approx. 2 cups).  Mix until the perfect balance between the body, sweetness, and


tanginess is achieved. You are now ready for the FUN part.


Add spices; 1 1/2 tbs. oregano, 2 tbs. garlic powder, 1 tbs. lemon pepper, 2 tbs.


onion powder (minced onion o.k.) For heat, add 2tbs. crushed red chili, 2 tbs.


New Mexico or California Chili powder. You can substitute prepared hot sauces


like Tabasco, Habanero, or other vinegar-based sauces. A small amount of


tomato paste can be added to thicken-up the body. "Liquid Smoke" can be added


to enhance flavor for gas grills, and for oven-roasted shortribs.


This sauce is a work of art, enjoy being creative!




Other ingredients that could possibly enhance your own signature BBQ sauce;


Dry mustard, chopped-up fresh peppers, fresh-chopped herbs, ground white pepper,


teryaki sauce, Worshestershire, A-1's, fresh-mashed garlic, Bay leaves, etc.


Use this stuff on ribs, chicken, links, hot wings, meatloaf, baked beans, tri-tip, possum, etc.


"Bernie's Smokehouse-style Beef Ribs"




2 lg. packages of beef ribs, short, long boned or crosscut, teriyaki sauce, spices, herbs,


and a fresh batch of BBQ sauce.


Separate the ribs (see picture above) and in a large bowl or pan, liberally dust with your spices and fresh


herbs. I usually use granulated garlic or garlic salt, lemon pepper, oregano, and some chili flakes or powder.


After you have completely coated the ribs with rub, place in 2-gallon plastic Zip-Loc bag and add a small


amount of teriyaki sauce and worchestershire sauce (enough to just coat the meat) or to taste.


Squeeze the air out and seal bag and put it in another bag and into refrigerator. Turn the the bags over


about every 30 minutes and and cure for 2-3 hours. Soak your hardwood chips in water at least 30 minutes.


Fire-up your briquets and dump on your foil-wrapped corn or potatoes on to give them a head start.


When there is an even coating of ash on the charcoal, move the corn and/or taters off to the side and


quickly place the ribs on to sear. Quickly throw a couple of handfuls of wet wood chips on coals and


close the lid and adjust the air supply. In about ten minutes turn the ribs to sear another side. On


the third rotation the bone-side of the ribs should be facing down. Maintain a low to medium heat, with


lots of nice smoke and slow-cook for about an hour or so. Avoid flare-ups, check repeatedly and turn


ribs to prevent burning. When you feel that the ribs are 80% done, star brushing on BBQ sauce glaze.


All this while, your corn and/or taters even though they have been off to the sides should be done too.


See below

"Bernie's Home-style corn-on-the-cob" side


Ingredients:  fresh sweet corn, water, and foil. About ten minutes before starting my cooking fire,


I immerse the the husk-on ears of corn in a large bowl or tub of water. I cut the ends off to allow more


moisture in. At just about the time the flames begin to die down, I quickly wrap the soaked ears in foil


and place them right over the coals, turning them about every 8-10 minutes while the coals get ready for


your main course. When you finally put the meat on, move the ears off to the side, but keep them close-in


so they can slow-cook with the with the grill cover down, along with the main course. I usually leave them


on for a total of 30-45 minutes, depending on the heat level. when served, I usually keep a shopping bag


handy for all them husks, cornsilk and foil flying around. My mother-in-law says it tastes like the corn she


had back home in Illinois when she was a kid.


P/S This method works equally well for potatoes!

Where's Beaner?


The "Mastadon" BBQ

 My brother-in-law Al Miner. This man makes the absolute-best BBQ Salmon I have ever had: His beer? Corona Light.